iSleep Easy Sleep Meditations v2.4 – Android Meditation and Sleep Meditations app
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iSleep Easy Sleep Meditations is a unique and practical application for achieving peace and a comfortable sleep by Meditation Oasis for AndroidIt’s been published. One of the ways to succeed in work is to have peace during the day or a comfortable sleep that can strengthen the mind and soul and help you to better manage your work. Using its natural and soothing sounds, this program creates a very different environment in your room where you will be able to spend hours in complete peace. The sounds used in this application are a collection of sounds of rain, lightning, forest and که that give a very good feeling to humans. One of the unique features of iSleep Easy Sleep Meditations is the intelligent and unique system of mixing soothing sounds with users’ favorite music; This ability will enable users to simultaneously play their favorite music along with soothing sounds and achieve double relaxation.

Some features and capabilities of iSleep Easy Sleep Meditations Android app:

  • More than 9 soothing audio files with the ability to combine with users’ favorite music
  • Ability to select three music and six soothing sounds per performance
  • Run the app in the background of the Android device
  • Ability to create your favorite playlists
  • Sleep timer to stop playing sounds
  • Help balance the body to have a restful sleep

The iSleep Easy Sleep Meditations app has been able to gain the trust of more than 50,000 users with its price of $ 3.99 and receive a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 by them. Now you can get the latest version purchased from the powerful Usroid servers in Iran. Receive.

Changes in version v2.4:

* Fixed minor problems