Ittle Dew is a popular and incredibly beautiful game in the style of adventure and action games from Ludosity game studio for Android operating system , in which a lovely and bold girl is caught with a small pet on a remote and strange island; An island full of looters and mysterious inhabitants! In this game, you play the role of a brave girl, Ethel, who must solve misleading puzzles and challenging puzzles and experience an exciting adventure game! There are only you and other scary creatures on the island right now; So travel to different and diverse places of this deserted island and find different tools and equipment or how to survive in this remote place! There are various rewards and achievements hidden in different parts of this island that you must collect! Different types of weapons such as sticks, Bombs, etc. are also at your disposal with which you can destroy enemies or blow up obstacles and rocks along the way and open the way to advance the steps. You have to use your thinking power to prepare the ground for the destruction of enemies, move different stones to climb to higher levels.

Some features of Ittle Dew Android adventure game:

  • Being a huge number of different secrets and keys to discover
  • Ability to combine available tools to create innovative tools by the player
  • Having different types of weapons to destroy the enemies on the way
  • Collect in-game achievements to unlock new game items

* Having HD graphics with professional sound to increase the excitement

The exciting game Ittle Dew is currently on sale on Google Play for $ 1.99 and despite its high volume, it has been well received and has a score of 4.3 out of 5 . To view images of the game environment and download the original version with the mod for free from Usroid, join us…

Version V1.6 changes:

* Various optimizations and game troubleshooting.


Ittle Dew