With a simple look at the history of banks around the world, you can see that all of them at every point of time have tried to provide services in the simplest possible way by providing various services. Telephone banking, internet banking, short message system and… are just some of the measures taken by Iranian banks that startups have recently entered this field. izbank – with Iran Zamin Bank, the title of the mobile bank applicationIran Zamin is developed by the same bank and provided to Android users. With various services and capabilities, this program allows you to manage your accounts or cards in the simplest possible way and meet your needs at any time of the day and night, seven days a week without having to go to Eliminate the bank. There is no need for ATMs to transfer other funds, just enter the card number or destination account to get everything done as quickly as possible. In addition, the facility management system eliminates the need to pay in installments and everything is done on the Internet.

Some features and capabilities of izbank Android application:

  • Quick access to your favorite deposit and view your card balance
  • Transfer money in several different ways such as internal, bank to bank, satna and…
  • Possibility to cancel continuous money transfer and possibility to cancel, suspend and reactivate permanent money transfer
  • Reporting of all transferred amounts
  • Simple and easy management of incoming facilities with access to various options
  • View the status of issued checks
  • Pay bills or buy recharges
  • Change username and password

Izbank application has been able to meet many of its users’ needs so far by taking advantage of various features and capabilities. Now you can download the latest version of it from the huge database of Usroid site; If you are one of the people who use this popular bank, surely its mobile bank will be one of the best tools that you will install on your Android device, so download and install the latest version with one click.

Changes in version v2.1.4:

* No changes have been mentioned by the developer bank for this version of the program.