J4T Multitrack Recorder v4.8.08 – Quadruple Android voice recording app
, full version purchased for $ 3.49

Voice recording can be considered as one of the daily activities of users of smart devices, which is done for specific purposes. Android voice recorders usually use a simple process for recording sounds and do not provide special features to users. This is the reason why we decided to introduce a smart startup. J4T Multitrack RecorderIs the title of a quadruple Android voice recording application developed by Jaytronix and published on Google Play. If we want to describe this software much easier, it can be considered a small studio that solves any need with the least facilities. As its name suggests, the first feature that catches the attention of users of this tape recorder is its four channels; So that you can record four different sounds one after the other and finally download them all in the form of an audio file. The recording quality is very high and you can specify specific settings for each channel. In addition, there is a set of sound effects that can be applied to audio files to give them a special effect and create great demos for your music.

Some features and capabilities of J4T Multitrack Recorder Android application:

  • Ability to record four different sounds one after the other
  • Ability to mix recorded sounds or four pre-saved sounds
  • Apply specific settings to each channel individually
  • Diverse sound effects to enhance the appeal of the sounds
  • Loop function for high flexibility in edits
  • Edit your desired tracks with various features

J4T Multitrack Recorder application with its various features and capabilities has been able to get a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 by Google Play users at a price of $ 3.49, and now you can download the latest version without any restrictions on links. Get Usroid directly . This program has been introduced at your request and from now on its latest versions will be presented to you.


J4T Multitrack Recorder