Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting v0.0.1459 + Mod – Exciting arcade and action game “Jackal Squad” for Android
Normal version + mod version (Unlimited money and diamonds) separately
Tested with offline performance

Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting is the name of a remake of an old classic title of the same name (Jackal 1988), which is one of the oldest arcade games. This game is made by OneSoft Global PTE Studio. LTD has been made and released in the form of a free game with in-app payment capabilities available to Android players around the world, and as always and at the same time with the release of this game on Google Play, we have prepared, reviewed and prepared it, and we have prepared the latest version for the first time in Iran along with an exclusive modded version for download. OneSoft Studio is very famous for making and publishing arcade games, especially in the Galaxy Shooter style, and Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting is one of the few different games in this studio, although like almost all other games offered by this studio in the arcade style. Published but with a relatively different nature and a more distinctive style. This game, as mentioned, is a remake of the nostalgic and retro game called Jackal, which was released by KONAMI for the Nintendo NES console in 1988. In this article, we intend to introduce this game to you dear ones from Usroid site. And give the latest version to you friends for free. Stay tuned to Usroid.


Jackal Squad - Arcade Shooting


Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting is an arcade shooter game that has a very nostalgic feeling and will be very memorable and exciting for the older generation of players. This game is well made and exciting enough to be recommended even for new generation players. In Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting, the story takes place during World War II. Where fascist and Nazi forces have taken over most of Europe by taking Allied troops by surprise and taking many of them hostage. You are in the role of a special squad whose mission is to attack the enemy territory and release comrades. You have to ride in a jeep at high speed into the territories occupied by the enemies and go through the stages of the game one after another by destroying the enemy forces and releasing your own forces. Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting game view is from above and the gameplay is very simple. You can steer the jeep just by holding your finger on the screen. Your main task is to get closer to the enemy forces in order to put them at the top and in the next step to dodge the enemy shots. Whenever you are in the right radius with the enemy forces, they will be fired at automatically from you, and you must eliminate the enemies with quick and timely reactions, as well as escape from their firing. . You can only go to the next sections by destroying all the enemy forces and buildings. In some of these buildings, there are hostage forces that you have to collect after destroying the building and take them to the helicopter to get out of this area safely. The game’s graphics are completely pixelated and retro to preserve the nostalgic nature of the game. If you like pixel and arcade games, Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting will be one of your best choices. You are now able to download this game from the Usroid download box. Also, if you want to know more about the general features of this game, we recommend watching the introductory trailer video or its screenshot images.