Japan Food Adventure v2.2.5 – A fun and different cooking game for food adventure in Japan Android + trailer
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Japan Food Adventure – Food Adventure in Japan is the name of another game in the style of cooking and management games from the subset of strategy games that will take you to the world of Japanese food! Singapore Afzainizam Zahari, a small independent studio, is known as the producer and publisher of this game. This game has been released in a paid version with a price of $ 1.99 and Usroid is the first among all Iranian websites.Intention to introduce and publish the purchased version is at your service, dear ones. This game is produced with amazing cartoon designs and modeled on famous Japanese animes and mangoes. The design of the characters and the great attention to detail and features of Japan and its people, has made this game more like a complete and attractive anime! In Japan Food Adventure, you play a Japanese couple of chefs who plan to start a Japanese mobile restaurant in Tokyo with a small van. Help them start this delicious business. They plan to cook and sell a variety of traditional and modern Japanese food to customers. Once they have expanded their business, they can travel to other Japanese cities like Yokohama and gain more customers. Then, once you have a good reputation and income in Yokohama, it is time to move on to other cities, including Sapporo. You have to take a boat to travel to this city. Finally you have to take an air trip to the industrial and modern city of Osaka and expand your business more than ever! You should start with simple foods like sushi. Then you can look at other Japanese dishes such as soba, udon, Takoyaki, soup curry, dango, curry rice and also go omurice.


Japan Food Adventure


Just like all cooking style and time management games in Japan Food AdventureYou also have to do customer orders as fast as possible! Customers who receive their order when they receive it will be more satisfied and therefore more money, and similarly, customers who are delayed due to delay in order preparation, will give you less satisfaction and less money. Give. Apart from the stage part, Japan Food Adventure game also has a challenging and competitive part in which you can play in endless stages to get a better record. Get started and start your adventurous trip to the famous cities of Japan, become a master of cooking and show your abilities and skills to everyone. If you are looking for an interesting cooking and management game and on the other hand you want to experience a fun challenge, Japan Food Adventure game will be a great and different offer for you. With this game, you can get acquainted with a variety of Japanese food and become more familiar with the customs and food culture of the country and the Japanese people! This game withScore 4.2 out of 5.0 and register more than 10,000 downloads on Google Play, but you can download the latest purchased version and its full version from Usroid and install it on your Android device.

Changes in version v2.2.5:

* Fixed bugs and game problems.