Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf Complete v1.00 – Popular and interesting Android action game with data
priced at $ 11.99 – Full version of the game with 4 acts presented to you, dear, the
game runs offline

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf in Persian ( Joe Dever, Lone Wolf ) A very beautiful game with fantastic and stunning graphics in the style of action and sword games for AndroidIs a very exciting story and its graphics will amaze you! This game is offered by the game company Forge Reply and is one of the best and most unique Android action games. In this game, you play the main character of the game named Joe Dover, taking up powerful weapons in legendary and amazing places to go to war with different enemies and different types of monsters one after another with unique powers. Destroy it! The game follows a very beautiful story, you follow an exciting story by holding a cold weapon and you are playing in a strange mythical world! If we want to talk a little bit about the graphics, gameplay and sound of the game, we can say that the game graphics are as good as consoles and computer games and are very admirable; The gameplay of the gameIt is designed in such a way that the player can not give up the game and try to advance the story of the game as much as he can! The sound of the game is also excellent, the screaming of monsters and the sound of war with the sword are well done and all go hand in hand to bring the best action game on your Android phone.

Some features of Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf Android action game:

  • Having stunning 3D graphics
  • Having different types of armor and multiple equipment to personalize the character
  • Grab your legendary sword and battle with a variety of enemies
  • Acquire medieval books to advance the game
  • Having a very exciting adventure story
  • Professional voice acting and playing terrifying songs in the game

Play Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf Complete  now in the Android Market at a price of $ 11.99 is sold and no retail display and release it for download at the same time we have offered Usroid! If you want to experience a different action game in an amazing world, Usroid has put Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf with the data file for you today; Join us to watch the trailer of the game…

Changes in version v1.00:

* The first version of the game will be released on November 17, 2017 with 4 full seasons for $ 12 – the full version is presented to you.


Download Joe Dever's Lone Wolf - Android action graphic game + data + trailer



Game installation and running instructions:

– Download the installation file and install it on your phone.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the it.reply.forge.lonewolfcomplete folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal storage.

Run the game .