Johnny Trigger: Sniper v1.0.29 + Mod – Action-packed and entertaining game “Johnny Trigger: Sniper” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (increase money instead of decreasing) separately
Tested offline

Johnny Trigger: Sniper – جانی تریگر: تک تیرانداز is another beautifully crafted and amazing game developed by the creative and renowned studio, SayGames, in the action and arcade genre. This game is the second version and sequel to the game Johnny Trigger, and this time it has a completely different style with no resemblance to the first version. As soon as the final and healthy version of Johnny Trigger: Sniper is released, Usroid has provided it for download along with an exclusive mod version for free, so that once again, you dear ones and fans of action and skill games can enjoy downloading and installing a very entertaining game. Johnny Trigger: Sniper is inspired by the Hitman game series, especially Hitman: Sniper, and as soon as you enter the game, you will feel like Agent 47! Just like the first part, in Johnny Trigger: Sniper, you are a special agent from a secret organization that has been assigned to confront and eliminate criminal gangs. In this game, you are supposed to be a skilled sniper on rooftops, targeting enemies before they escape or shoot you, and eliminate them.


Johnny Trigger: Sniper


In Johnny Trigger: Sniper, your main goal is to destroy all the enemies present in each level. This must be done as quickly as possible because if you can’t find and destroy even one enemy, they either escape or shoot you so much that you lose! In some levels of Johnny Trigger: Sniper, innocent citizens who are hostages of these criminals are also present besides your enemies. You have to be very careful not to harm these citizens with your shots. By targeting the heads of your enemies and shooting at them, you can eliminate them with one bullet. Also, in some levels of the game, there are additional items such as explosive barrels that you can target and take out several enemies with one bullet. With each level passed, you earn some money, and if you have taken out the enemies with fewer bullets or targeted them as headshots, you will earn more points and money. With this money, you can upgrade your weapon or use different skins after a few levels. Johnny Trigger: Sniper has simple fantasy graphics, but all the models are designed in 3D and dynamic, making it very attractive and noticeable. The gameplay of the game is also a one-person shooter game, and you have to aim your sniper weapon at your targets with the help of a scope and shoot at them. You can download this exciting game now from Usroid as a tested version.