JS USB OTG v5.6.8  – Easy connection of flash and external hard drive to phone
Purchased version of the app for $ 2.99 on Google Play

Each computer operating system has its own set of external memory formats. Operating system designers try to create the best type of system file (memory format) for their operating system so that the operating system can work with external memory with the highest speed and the least defect. For example, there is a dedicated NTFS system file on Windows. Or an exfat file system is embedded in Linux. The Android operating system is based on the Linux operating system, so by default, it is not able to work with NTFS and some other formats. Therefore, when you connect your memory to the phone using the OTG interface, you will be asked to format the desired memory. Today, we are at your service with a program designed to solve this problem. JS USB OTG the title of an app for working with a variety of external memory formats is for the Android operating system, developed by jsolwindlabs and priced at $ 2.99 on Google Play. With this program, you can connect memories with NFTS, ‌ exFAT and FAT32 formats to your phone and view their content without converting the format. The app provides a fast connection between the phone and the external memory, and this high speed allows you to play files directly from the external memory. That way, you don’t have to transfer files to your phone’s memory first and then play them. With this program, you can play the files directly from the external hard drive or flash drive that you have connected to the phone, and you can continuously move the files back and forth. All high quality video formats are supported with the best quality. In addition, the music player and built-in photo display are also embedded in the program, with which you can easily open all kinds of files in your external memory. Various operations such as copying, transfer, renaming, and deletion are supported in peripheral memory, although some formats may not be able to perform all of these operations.

Some features and capabilities of the Android JS USB OTG app :

  • Supports NTFS (read only), exFAT (read only), FAT32 (read, delete) formats
  • No need for root access
  • Direct video playback from the best quality and high-speed external memory on the back and front of the video
  • It has a music player and an internal photo display
  • Ability to perform various operations on files in external memory

The JS USB OTG app is one of the best apps in its field, and with the satisfaction of Android users, it has been able to get a score of 3.5 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can download the purchased version of this program along with all the features and capabilities from Usroid completely free of charge. This program is introduced at your request.

Versions v5.6.8 : 

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