Jumping Jupingo in Persian (Jump Jupingo) is a new and extremely beautiful game with excellent graphics in the style of action and entertainment games for the Android operating system , which is one of the most popular Android games with a score of 5.0 in the Play Store. In this game, spider babies are everywhere and you have to jump, jump and block the paths with strings to block the way of the enemies and try to destroy them.

The game takes place on a very beautiful planet with a colorful environment where you have to save all the baby spiders from danger and advance the game step by step. If you want to fill your hours with a small game and experience an exciting and enjoyable game, do not miss this game!

Some features of Jumping Jupingo Android game:

* Having 30 challenging and stunning stages

* Very beautiful and lovely characters and scenery

* Being different and numerous paths to advance the game

* Being a variety of enemies, including poisonous trees and other ugly creatures

* Being special achievements along the way to increase the final score

* Having great and stunning graphics with addictive gameplay

The amazing game Jumping Jupingo is currently on sale for $ 1.99 in the Play Store, and you can download the latest version for free from Usroid for your Android smartphone.


Download Jumping Jupingo - a beautiful jumping game for Android




Download Jumping Jupingo Android APK - New



Download Jumping Jupingo Android APK - New



Download Jumping Jupingo Android APK - New