Jungle Adventures v33.20.4.8 + Mod – Fun adventure game “Jungle Adventure” Android
Normal version + mod version (infinite money) separately
Tested with offline performance

Jungle Adventures is the name of the first part of a three-part game series by Rendered Ideas Studio in India in the style of adventure and classic games, which has been copied from the arcade games of the 90s. We have already published Jungle Adventures 2 and Jungle Adventures 3 on Usroid, which you can click on to download. This game even modeled its story on an old classic game. In Jungle Adventure, you play the role of the main character of these games, Addu. Addu is a young boy from one of the ancient tribes of the American continent and from the Indian generation. One day, he and his fiancé were enjoying nature and eating apples in the beautiful forests, when suddenly an evil monster appeared from the depths of the forest and kidnapped his fiancé Addu and escaped from there at high speed. Everything happens so fast and Addu, shocked, does not know what to do! After a few moments, Addu comes to his senses and quickly follows the monster to save his fiancé. This makes this young boy go through a challenging adventure to bring back the girl of his dreams! But he needs your guidance in doing so. You have to play the role of Addu in a classic two-dimensional game in the style of Side Scrolling, adventure in the forest and travel to the deep parts of this large and beautiful forest to complete your mission. But this is not going to be a simple and painless adventure! The evil monster has sent the story of his army, which consists of various forest animals, to stop you. These animals are enchanted by this monster and have turned into violent creatures. So there is no way to interact peacefully with them and you either have to run away from them or defeat them!

Some features of Jungle Adventures Android game:

  • Simple yet very fun gameplay
  • Imitated from classic arcade games
  • Colorful and beautiful graphics and cartoon designs
  • Adventure style with action elements
  • Epic and heroic storyline
  • Play as Addu and try to get his fiancé back from the monster
  • Ability to move, simple jump or two-step jump, swim, hit enemies and throw objects at them
  • Easy controls with simple virtual buttons
  • Over 80 challenging and fun stages
  • There are a variety of enemies from forest animals to dangerous bosses at the end of the stages
  • Ability to play with 5 different characters
  • Existence of scoring items such as fruits in stages
  • Ability to use special forces such as powerful spells
  • Very small size (less than 20 MB) compared to suitable and bulky content

Jungle Adventures is an interesting entertainment and a very simple and entertaining game for spending time, which of course can also be used as a complete game. The exciting adventure of the game doubles the motivation of the players to do it and defeat the enemies! Help Addu and the other characters in the game to stand up to this demonic monster and teach him a memorable lesson! Usroid has prepared and prepared the forest adventure game in two versions, regular and mod, with unlimited money. It is interesting to know that Jungle Adventures has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google Play and has a score of 4.2 out of 5.0.

Changes in version v33.20.4.8:

* Fixed various bugs and problems in the game


Jungle Adventures