Jungle Heat: Weapon of Revenge v2.1.6 – The latest version of the famous Jungle Heat game for Android. The
new September update coincides with the release by the manufacturer and is the first online game in Iran

Jungle Heat in Persian (Jungle Heat) is a new, extremely beautiful and popular game in the style of strategy and command games for the Android operating system that takes you to tropical forests that are rich in valuable materials such as oil, wood and gold. , Invites. These valuable materials are taken by looters and pirates, and you have to stand in front of them and get your resources back from them. You have to build an army base in the middle of the forest, fight other players, destroy their bases and return the looted jewels. You need to plan your base carefully and upgrade your troops and buildings over time, and experience the best defense game on your Android phone by defeating enemies. This game is free with a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 In the Play Store, it is one of the best and most popular Android defense games, and so far it has been downloaded more than 50 million times by Android users around the world, and in general, it is recommended to all lovers of arcade, strategy and action games. We suggest and by installing it, you can nail yourself to the phone for days and hours!

Some features of Jungle Heat Android strategy game:

  • Ability to upgrade buildings and soldiers to increase power
  • Ability to build and create a powerful base with various tools
  • Playing among incredibly beautiful and real forests
  • Create various weapons to shoot at the enemy
  • Having colorful HD graphics and stunning
  • Play amazing music in the tropical forest
  • Ability to play online with other users to earn points
  • Having addictive gameplay + quick and easy installation

Super beautiful Jungle Heat game for all ages can be exciting and interesting; Today in Usroid, we have put the latest version of this very beautiful game for you, regular users, and we hope you like it. has it.

 Changes in version v2.1.6:

* Fixed game problems and improved graphics


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