Kaorin – Icon Pack v1.7.8 – Beautiful and user-friendly icon pack application Kaorin Android
version of the purchased and complete version for $ 0.99 for the first time in Iran

We all spend hours of our time using our smartphones every day. Our constant use of smartphones in the long run can be tedious! Although these devices meet our needs quickly, entering a monotonous environment is undoubtedly tedious! Fortunately, as you know, in the Android operating system, users do not face any restrictions in this area and can change anything they want according to their personal taste. As we mentioned in other posts, making changes to several elements of the screen will cause dramatic changes in the screen! One of the best ways to customize your UI is to change the icons. Kaorin – Icon PackThe title of the beautiful and user-friendly Kaurin icon pack is developed by Lorsalio and published on Google Play. This great software helps users to personalize your screen and make a lot of changes by giving users access to a variety of icons. More than 3,500 different icons are embedded in the heart of this particular startup that support many applications. Unlike many icon packs, which are just edited copies of each other; The symbols in this package are specially designed and in addition to high quality, they have unique designs. In addition to the available icons, there are more than 14 QHD quality wallpapers that are very compatible with the icons. Using these wallpapers will increase the beauty of the icons from your point of view and give a special effect to your screen.

Some features and capabilities of Kaorin – Icon Pack Android application:

  • Over 3500 diverse and attractive icons
  • Icons support for installed and system software
  • Access to more than 14 dedicated QHD wallpapers
  • High compatibility of wallpapers with designed icons
  • Regular weekly updates to access new icons
  • Several dynamic icons for Google Calendar
  • Muzei support
  • Support for popular Android launchers

Application Kaorin – Icon Pack to benefit from the facilities and set of capabilities by the developer’s $ 0.99 at Google Play has been released, can now use the newest version purchased it without any restrictions on access to facilities Download from direct links of Usroid website .


Kaorin --Icon Pack