Today, each of the banks throughout Iran is trying to help their customers by expanding their services. Part of the measures taken by banks are dedicated to welfare services that help the customer of each bank not to waste a lot of time in the bank and receive the services of his choice at any time. Undoubtedly, the expansion of mobile banking applications is one of the top measures that each bank is expanding on a daily basis. Karafarin Bank – with Karafarin BankIs the title of a mobile application of Entrepreneur Bank, which has been published by the same bank for the Android operating system. The capabilities included in this app allow its users to easily have a set of services at any time and place and to perform various actions without the need to visit in person. One of the best features of this program compared to other mobile banks is service separation; The developer bank has divided them into 5 different parts and groups, the most popular of which can be considered services related to accounts and non-financial transactions. If you are one of the regular customers of Karafarin Bank, it is better not to miss this wonderful program and follow us to receive it.

Some features and capabilities of Karafarin Bank Android application:

  • View account balance
  • Blocking entrepreneur bank cards in case of failure
  • See the last few rounds of the account
  • View card inventory
  • Manage deposits and commonly used cards
  • Get the Sheba number with just one touch of the screen
  • Instant transfer of funds
  • Card to card transfer (accelerated and non-accelerated)
  • View the status of assignment checks
  • Pay bills and view records of paid bills
  • Check batch management
  • Purchase recharges for different mobile operators

Karafarin Ban k application with various features and capabilities has been able to attract the attention of Karafarin Bank customers, which you can now download the latest original version from the large Usroid website ; The forthcoming version is the original version of the program, which is available to the public on its main site and has been released for download at the collective request of your loved ones, and you can download it with one click.

Changes in version v5.1.3:

* Display the last 50 rounds of the account
* Display the daily limit of the authorized amount of financial transactions
* Deactivate financial services at the request of the customer with the bank
* Authentication with fingerprint to transfer Satna money instead of the second Satna password
* Change the second password of the card
* No need services To enter the bank
* Buy the operators’ internet package


Karafarin Bank