Kastles – Medieval Mayhem v1.4 + Mod – Interesting arcade game “Destruction of castles” Android + Trailer
Normal version + Mod version (open steps) individually
tested with offline execution

Kastles – Medieval Mayhem is an incredibly beautiful two-dimensional arcade game from Gunpowder Studios for Android devices, which is available for $ 0.99 on Google Play, and as always, we have decided for the first time in Iran.Introduce it to you and delight you lovers of games of this genre. The general story of the game Kastles – Medieval Mayhem is about a king, queen and castles in which you take on the mission of destroying castles and by defeating them you are supposed to take over the kingdom and become the king of the game land! Do your best to reach your goal by throwing small and large stones towards the castles or blowing them up with gunpowder and explosives! To reach your goal, you have to go through hundreds of stages and missions, you will pass the initial missions in the easiest possible way, but you should know that you have a difficult mission ahead and as the missions progress, they become harder and harder. To take the throne of the kingdom must be done with all your heart and soul!


Kastles - Medieval Mayhem


Kastles – Medieval Mayhem game has been purchased about ten times by Android users around the world from Google Play and was able to get a full score of 5.0 out of 5.0 , which we have released in Usroid for the first time with the mod for download. You can first view images and videos of the gameplay and finally, if you wish, download it from the site’s high-speed servers with one click.

Version V1.4 changes:

* Release the first version of the game on Google Play.