Khan Academy Kids v5.1.3 – the popular app for Android Children’s Educational Academy!
The original and complete version of the program for the first time in Iran

Childhood is the best time to learn that many parents thrive on their child’s skills at this age with regular planning! Participating in various educational classes for children is very time consuming as well as costly, and the teacher’s inexperience may reduce his or her desire to learn science; Therefore, a group of university professors and professors have published a special version of the Khan Academy program, which includes training for young people. Khan Academy KidsThe title is a popular app for the Children’s Educational Academy, developed by Khan Academy for Android and published on Google Play. The training in this software, with the aim of developing and improving the scientific level of children, helps your child’s talent to flourish at an early age and to know in what field he will progress. Thousands of different child-centered tutorials and books are included in the heart of this startup, and the tutorials provided by them are in line with international standards. There are no restrictions on access to educational materials, and all skills are tested to make your child have a dynamic and creative mind.

Some features and capabilities of Khan Academy Kids Android application:

  • Discovering talents and developing children’s abilities
  • Thousands of articles, activities and various books for talented children
  • Coverage of all subjects such as mathematics, social sciences, experimental sciences, reading, writing, and so on.
  • Suitable for children of all ages
  • Encourage learning and preventing your child from getting tired
  • Very interactive games and activities
  • Parental participation in education and increasing the child’s relationship with his parents
  • Mental and physical development in accordance with global education
  • Very attractive user interface for children

Khan Academy Kids app with thousands of different educational content for children has been able to receive a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with thousands of downloads from all over the world . Now you can download the latest original and complete version from the popular Usroid website. Get; This program has been introduced at your request, dear ones.

Note: Install the program with the help of the “SAI application” in the download box [Select APKs file from inside the program and click Install]


Khan Academy Kids