Kill It With Fire v1.0+ Mod – An exciting arcade and simulation game “Destroying Spiders” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlocked in-game purchases – game lock separately)
Tested for offline play

Kill It With Fire – Destroying Spiders is an interesting, different, creative, and entertaining game made and published in the simulation genre. Casey Donnellan Games LLC designed the game, and tinyBuild was responsible for its publication. The game was first released for PC via the Steam store before being released for Android devices. As always, we are proud to announce that Usroid is the first Iranian website to publish the Android version of this game on the web. In addition to the original Google Play version, we have also prepared a mod version of the game for you to enjoy. Kill It With Fire has a simple but very creative and interesting idea to keep you entertained. As mentioned, the game is in the simulation genre, and as the name suggests, you are supposed to kill one of humanity’s oldest ancient enemies, spiders. Although not all spiders are considered enemies of humans, their presence in human homes has been disturbing for centuries. Giant and poisonous spiders should not be forgotten either. For these reasons, this creature has always been one of the scariest and most repulsive animals for many humans.


Kill It With Fire


In the game Kill It With Fire, the aim is to fight against annoying spiders, but contrary to what you may think, the game’s approach is not serious or hostile, but rather entertaining and fantasy-based. Casey Donnellan Studio has used this interesting idea to create a technical video game. In Kill It With Fire, you have to use various weapons, from hot weapons to different tools, to fight against spiders and destroy them in different stages of the game. Your mission is to eliminate all these spiders that have infiltrated your life in various shapes and forms. The nature of the game is designed as a first-person simulation title, and you can freely move around in the role of a human and destroy spiders with various weapons or tools. They may be hidden anywhere or even attack you as soon as they see you. It’s time to get to work and destroy them with these weapons. The destructibility is one of the main elements of gameplay and graphics in Kill It With Fire. You can shoot around, set fire to surfaces, or hit spiders with cold weapons to crush them! In this regard, there is a wide range of weapons and tools in the game for you to use creatively. The game’s creator has announced a mysterious ending called a hidden ending in its descriptions! Can you discover this special and strange ending? The game’s graphics are designed with fully 3D modeling, but the graphics details of the game are simple and cartoonish, and of course, we have an optimized graphics with a smooth gameplay and no frame drops. However, installing and running this game on very weak devices is not recommended. If you want to get more familiar with Kill It With Fire, our recommendation is to first watch the introduction trailer video, which shows different parts of the gameplay process, and then download the latest official version of the game from direct links on Usroid.

Note: The game can only be installed on 64-bit processor smartphones [ARM64].

Installation and execution instructions for the game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format. Copy the com.tinybuildgames.killitwithfire folder to the Android/obb directory of the internal memory of your device.