Kingroot v5.4.0 – Ruth’s professional application with just one touch on Android!
Released version in English without any ads

Kingroot is the title of a fast and amazing program that can root any Android smart device in just a few seconds and with one click! In addition to the disadvantages, rooting Android devices has certain features that encourage everyone to root the device, and depending on the use of each device, rooting can be a mistake or a mistake! You must know that in order to root Android devices in the usual and old way, you must first flash it and go through the troubles related to it to root it at the end of the device, which is a big risk because in some cases the device is rooted. Normal continues to work, and on some devices, especially Huawei and LG, there are serious problems with slowness or lack of access to internal memory. Kingroot Professional App It can search your device among millions of available options without the need for any flash and with just one touch of the screen, and root it online without any problems. King Root’s strategy of rooting smart devices is special and extraordinary, informing you that there is a 60% risk of rooting. So don’t worry about rooting your devices without any hassle and download this wonderful application with us.

Some features and capabilities of Kingroot Android app:

  • Routing all types of Android devices with just one touch of the screen
  • Routing devices without any risk or damage to them
  • Supports millions of smart devices
  • No need for physical connections for rooting devices
  • Automatic identification of the model of each Android phone
  • High security in rooting
  • Display the risk of vulnerability before rooting

The Kingroot app, which is released exclusively by China, is available on all websites in the same Chinese language, which is difficult for most users to use, but unlike other websites that publish this app, you can release the version And download it in English from Usroid servers .

Note: This app only roots phones with less than 7 Android – If your Android is higher than seven, you should contact your phone dealer to have the rooted operation performed professionally for you.


Kingroot Android