King’s Empire v2.8.4 – Android online strategy game with millions of fans from around the world

King’s Empire is an online game with HD graphics and stunning strategy game style from the tap4fun game development studio for the Android operating system, which is at the top of the top online games with more than 4 million users from 78 countries! In this game, like other online games, you build a glorious empire and you must gradually increase your power and attack other enemies to conquer their kingdom and expand your own empire by gaining trophies and equipment. Build a powerful army of commanders and soldiers and attack the enemies and overthrow them one by one! King’s Empire game, although it has been downloaded millions of times from Google Play and is one of the most popular gamesIs considered a strategic Android online has not been introduced in any Iranian website yet, so we decided to take the initiative as always and introduce it to you, dear and regular users of Usroid .

Some features of King’s Empire Android strategy game:

* A range of technologies to increase resource production, military power and defense

* Build a powerful army of infantry, archers , cavalry, wizards and more

* Attack other players to gain resources and expand your territory

* Ability to unite with other global users and players to attack multiplayer enemies

King’s Empire game currently has a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 in the Android Market , and we provide you with the latest version for free with a direct link. King’s Empire game is online and is required to run the Internet and works with the Internet of Irancell and First Mobile SIM cards.

Changes in version v2.8.4:

* Added new features
* Fixed issues and improved game graphics


Download King's Empire: Power and Glorya - Android strategy game