Kiteboard Hero – Kiteboard Hero is a very beautiful and exciting game in the style of sports games, which is produced by the English game studio Mind Pump Games Ltd for $ 2.99.Released for Android devices. If you love water sports and especially skiing, Kiteboard Hero is the only ski realism game with Kite currently on the Android market and can be the best choice for you! At first, this game may seem boring to you, but gradually you become more familiar with its charms, and no doubt you put this game in the list of your favorite games. As soon as you enter the game, you are faced with a set of training steps, and in order to be able to enter the main game mode, you must successfully complete these trainings and become proficient in them. These steps include the basics of kite control, starting to move and position, body movements, how to work with a ski board, and much more. When you have successfully completed the training steps and entered the game, you think that you should try to follow all the rules according to the instructions and follow all the tips, right? In fact, it is not! As mentioned earlier, the design of this game is very similar to reality and players can also use kite skiing techniques in the real world.


Kiteboard Hero


Kiteboard Hero game stepsIn fact, it is a mechanism for people who are not familiar with this sport and intend to try kite skiing for the first time in this game. Of course, we have to think realistically, you can not experience the real feeling of a kite athlete on your mobile screen, but the developers of this game have made every effort to provide a full-fledged and realistic game, and if we want with you To be honest, they have succeeded in doing so. The game environment has a unique 3D graphic design and brings a pleasant experience for players. The models of kites and ski boards are diverse and attractive. Atmospheric conditions such as wind can change. In addition to the “educational” mode, there are two modes “unlimited” and “challenge” in the game. The game controls are very simple and you can use the virtual control on the left side and the technical movement buttons on the right side of your device screen, as well as the gravity sensor, front and back. Take your device, do all the functions of the game simply. Kiteboard Hero is one of the most popular games that has been able toIt has an excellent score of 4.7 out of 5.0 on Google Play, and the Usroid team has providedthis game to you dear ones in a tested and completely free way. At the end of this article, you can see the introduction video and screenshots related to the gameplay to get more acquainted with this game and if you wish, download it from our servers. Hope you enjoy this game!

Changes in version v1.3.2:

* Various optimizations and game troubleshooting + reduced game volume.