KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec) – Video player & Music v31.07.192 – KM Player Plus Android application
Purchased and complete version of the program for $ 1.99

KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec) – Video player & MusicIs a feature-packed multimedia player developed by PANDORA.TV and published on Google Play. No doubt you have heard the name KM Player by now; An audio and video player that amazes users with its unique features. At the beginning of the emergence of KM Player, we only saw the Windows version, but after a while, due to its significant progress, the developer decided to release the Android version. One of the most important features of this player is its support for a variety of video formats and codecs that are not found in other similar Android tools. However, we are witnessing the release of another version of KM Player! This version, which is released under the name KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec) – Video player & Music, is not much different from the original version that we introduced in previous posts. The main difference between the Plus version and the regular version is its support for the Divx codec, which fewer players are able to run on Android. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, this player can not only play video files, but also has an amazing ability to play audio files! In a way that will be able to play your music with exemplary quality. After playing your video clips, you have access to a set of management tools with which you can change the screen brightness, adjust the volume, increase or decrease the playback speed, or the video item. Spread your opinion in reverse (mirror). The built-in timer, which in addition to stopping music for video, also helps to stop the playback process completely automatically and close the program. If you are one of the users who are very interested in watching movies with subtitles, you will have access to special tools in this field. Execute your subtitles in a variety of formats and customize their position, size or even color.

Some features and capabilities of KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec) – Android Video player & Music:

  • High quality video and audio files
  • Divx codec support
  • Mark your favorite video or audio files
  • Make changes to the color, contrast, brightness and saturation of the videos being played
  • Zoom in on different parts of the video
  • Ability to repeat a specific piece of your clips continuously
  • Play videos floating
  • Create playlists of your favorite audio or video files
  • Access to multiple equalizer bands to personalize output sound
  • Video playback speed control
  • Supports subtitle execution
  • Customize subtitle playback location, color and font size
  • Built-in timer to automatically stop playing video or music
  • Option to search among your files
  • Play good quality video streams
  • Supports connection to private servers FTP, UPNP, SMB
  • Ability to play files through cloud servers
  • Make changes to the app theme
  • Option to convert video file format to audio (only in Farsroid version)

Application KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec) – Video player & Music to benefit from the features and functionality of its own by the developer at a price of $ 1.99 has been released on Google Play. Now you can download the latest version of this unique startup from the high-speed servers of Farsroid website .


KMPlayer Plus