Krampus: Horror Game v1.3 + Mod – Arcade and horror game “Krampus” for Android
Normal version + mod version (remove ads) separately
Tested with offline performance

Krampus: Horror Game is a well-made and exciting game with a very attractive idea from the Brazilian studio Downgrade Studios, which is offered in the form of a free game with the possibility of in-app purchases on Google Play. This game is the first game made by this fledgling studio, but its features, structure, story and very attractive ideation have made this title one of the most well-made games in the current style of horror games. Usroid, as always and for the first time among all Iranian sites, has introduced and offered this game in a tested form and has provided it for you dear ones for free. Krampus: Horror Game is designed in the style of arcade, but its theme and focus is in the horror and horror genre. The main idea of ​​the game is taken from a character who has been one of the scariest legendary characters for decades, especially among children. This character is called Krampus and is exactly the opposite character of Santa Claus. According to Western beliefs, at Christmas, Santa Claus brings gifts to good children, but bad children are punished by a scary and evil creature called Krampus to learn a lesson!


Krampus: Horror Game


Krampus: Horror Game with an interesting idea of ​​this theme is a very attractive and fun game and at the same time scary and stressful. You play the main character of Jimy, a demanding teenager. He was one of the children whose family was not happy with him and that is why Krampus came to visit him at Christmas! You are alone in your big house and there is no one in this house except you and Krampos. So you should not think of help from anyone. You have to rely on your abilities and intelligence to try to escape from this scary monster and find a way to escape by solving puzzles and riddles in the game and finding the required items. Krampus is a ruthless monster that will destroy you as soon as you find it. Dressed like a Santa Claus but with a scary face and a nature like a reindeer with long horns, he is always wandering around the house and searching different parts of this place to find you. The designs of Krampus: Horror Game are first-person and the game modeling is completely three-dimensional. High attention to detail and at the same time optimal graphics and appropriate volume are the remarkable features of this game. If you are a fan of scary arcade games and you are looking for a thrilling excitement, do not miss Krampus: Horror Game and download it for free and tested from the Usroid box download section.