Landlord Tycoon v4.5.2 – Simulator and different simulator game “Capital Owner” for Android devices
A fun and special game from the category of simulation games with more than 5 million downloads
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Landlord Tycoon – Capital Owner is a very interesting and different game from the category of simulation style games and Tycoon (capitalist games) with elements of cliché games that are released for free with the ability to make in-app payments on Google Play. it is arrived. The full game, Landlord Tycoon – Money Investing Idle with GPS, was released by the British studio Reality Games LTD on Google Play. Usroid at your requestLoved ones have introduced this game in a tested form and are ready to download. Landlord Tycoon – Money Investing Idle with GPS is the first official game of Reality Games LTD. It must be said that this game is really a different and unique title that has presented a new style of capitalist and Tycoon games. While almost all of Klicker’s and Tycoon’s style games are offline and single-player games, the capitalist owner’s game is exactly the opposite. This game is an online title in a simulated and professional space where players from all over the world are present. With a style and context close to the classic Monopoly game, Landlord Tycoon – Money Investing Idle with GPS provides a different experience for players.


Landlord Tycoon - Money Investing Idle with GPS


در Landlord Tycoon – Money Investing Idle with GPSAlong with other online players, you will have the experience to become a great and real capitalist. Your job is to buy and manage different places in a cliché and Idle game like professional and economical trading. You start with $ 50,000. What you do with this amount of money and what your first choice is depends on your intelligence and, of course, your management skills. With the same money, you can start buying different properties and add them to your list of assets. You can then multiply your invested money by reselling them. The game’s creator says that initially trading in this game is not easy and your choices will be limited. But as you progress in the game and increase your capital, you will be able to be just like a real capitalist who owns several plots of land and property, and by buying and selling more properties, you will not become a millionaire and a billionaire, but a billionaire. Be! This game brings you a completely different and new experience with real designs from GPS maps and simulation of properties from maps. Landlord Tycoon – Money Investing Idle with GPSA score of 4.4 out of 5.0 has been downloaded more than 5 million times on Google Play and has become one of the most popular simulation-style games. Now you can get this game tested from Usroid and have a new experience of a different simulation game!


1 – The game is online and cannot be hacked or modified.
2 – For this game you must have good English.