Learn Languages ​​- busuu Premium v24.2.0.777 – The world’s top live language learning app for Android!
PREMIUM features Unlocked – Premium version with all the features dedicated to you dear ones

Language Learning – busuu is the name of a program for teaching different languages ​​published by Boso for Android, which will not only teach you the relevant language, but also make you fall in love with it. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn a specific language. It will not be easier and better than busuu. Learning Spanish, English, French, Russian, Chinese and 7 other languages ​​will be possible with the help of more than 50 million people around the world, who also use Bosso in a variety of ways, with just a few Practice the day, so don’t miss it. The Busuu language training program will give you the opportunity to learn 11 living languages ​​of the world (Spanish, English, French, German, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, Russian and Turkish) with a completely interactive course. And in line with the educational goals that you will set for yourself. Learning a foreign language is an incredibly valuable experience and a confidence booster. By learning new languages, you can have a better travel experience, have less trouble getting a job and studying in other countries, or even use it to meet new people and make long-term friendships.

Language Learning – Busuu Android features:

  • Teaching basic principles with vocabulary and grammar (grammar), audio dialogues, games related to language teaching and interactive tests
  • Record practical exercises that will help strengthen your native language
  • Set a personal goal to build confidence and motivation to achieve language learning
  • You will be assured that you will learn a new language in the shortest possible time
  • Teach more than 150 of the most important topics and 3,000 about a specific language
  • Make progress with various tests and games and entertainment on the program

Professional and useful program Language Learning – busuu has received a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 from Android users (in the Google Store). The version of this program that is in the Google Store is a free version with limited features, but the version that can now be downloaded from the Usroid site is the unlocked version with all the features. Many of the world’s major media outlets have given a brief description of the program, which we need to give you at the end of this program:

New York Times: “Easy Use and Feeling Happy”
Google: “You Must Have This App”
BBC: “The Easiest Way to Learn”
Forbes: “Faster, Smarter, Better”