All Language Translate App v1.70 [Premium] – Smart and Compact Audio Translator Application for Android
The full Premium version worth $3.79 for the first time in Iran

With the expansion of smart devices, we are witnessing an increase in communication between people all over the world. This communication is such that one of our friends may live thousands of kilometers away. In such conditions, talking to such people who speak another language is not easy and you need to be able to speak in their language! But as you know, learning another language is not easy and it takes several months to learn it. That’s why using translators is one of the best options available. All Language Translate App is the title of a smart and lightweight voice translator developed by Dream Edge Technologies and published on Google Play. This software helps users easily communicate with people all over the world and speak without any problems by utilizing a set of useful features in a simple environment. As the title suggests, the main feature of this app is its voice capability, so there is no need to type and the internal engine converts all speech into text. After converting speech to text and receiving the translation, you can copy and send the translation or play it back completely in audio. Additionally, this application supports various languages with a low volume, which is unique in its kind.

Some features and capabilities of the All Language Translate App for Android:

  • Translation of your texts or speeches with very high speed
  • Support for various languages ​​around the world
  • Speech-to-text conversion engine for quick and easy translation
  • Full audio playback of translated texts
  • Possibility of copying or sharing translated texts
  • Access to all history at any time

The All Language Translate App application has been able to receive a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with thousands of downloads and a network payment of $3.79, thanks to its various features and capabilities. You can now download the latest premium version from the Usroid website.


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