LARA v5.0.2.0 – “Lara” adventure and puzzle game for Android devices,
purchased and full version of the game for $ 0.99, presented to you,
tested with offline execution

LARA – Lara is a simple, fun, yet challenging and in turn very exciting game that has been released by Blaggame Studios in Russia as a paid game for $ 1 so that Android users around the world can download it from Buy Google Play Store. But you dear friends do not need to do this and you can very easily and quickly download the latest version of this game in the form of purchased and ready to install from Usroid. Usroid is proud to announce that it has introduced and published this game as the first website among all Iranian sites . Lara is an almost complete adaptation of the famous LIMBO gameIs. The game design, gameplay style and even the LARA storyline are very similar to Limbo. In Lara, you play the role of a little girl named LARA who does not know why and how she got out of a strange and mysterious world. A scary, dark and cold world in which there is no human being. It’s not clear if this is a nightmare or a dream and maybe a strange and thought-provoking truth, but whatever it is, Lara is stuck in this world and it is you who must help her escape from this place. This mythical and unfortunate world is full of deadly traps and traps that will plunge Lara into eternal sleep in a fraction of a second if you neglect her.




In LARA , along with deadly traps, scary monsters appear along the way and try to conquer Lara. In addition to these two challenges, there is a third challenge, and that is the existence of intellectual and puzzle puzzles, without which there is no way to move on to the next sections. You have to take control of this innocent little girl and help her to solve the puzzles, kill the monsters and escape from the traps, to move in the right direction so that she can finally find a way out of this mysterious world. Slowly The appearance of this game especially the appearance of Lara character similar to the famous character of Red Riding HoodIs. This game is a 2D Platformer whose designs are all two-dimensional and finally easily implemented. Just like platformer style games, in LARA you have to move left to right with the help of the virtual buttons on the screen or jump over obstacles and traps with the special button. There is another button that can be used to interact with items. The game developer says that Lara gameplay is very challenging and probably not everyone can easily go through the steps. Can you get this little girl out of this scary world safe and sound? Can you discover the secret of this mysterious area? Lara needs your help. So now download the purchased version of this game for free and tested from Usroid servers and install it on your Android device and start an exciting adventure.

Changes in version v5.0.2.0:

* There are no changes in Google Play for this version.