Laser Overload v1.3 + Mod – Android laser puzzle and puzzle game
Normal version + Mode version (features listed) separately
Tested with offline performance

Laser Overload – Laser energy is one of the most attractive and beautiful games in the style of puzzle and brain games, which is produced by the creative studio Tap Anywhere in Poland for the Android operating system and is available to users completely free of charge. We also decided to introduce this beautiful game to you, the regular companions of Usroid, by presenting the latest version and the latest official update. In the Laser Overload puzzle game, you have a general and main task, and that is to deliver energy to empty batteries! To do this, you have to manage the correct path of sending energy, which is in the form of a laser, and make the path of its passage in the shortest possible time so that the laser energy goes from the main source to the batteries and charges them. The style of this game is similar to games like the Where’s My Water game series, with the difference that in this game, instead of piping and transferring water, you have to transfer energy from the starting point to the end with the help of mirrors. Laser Overload game with its very interesting style can be good entertainment for any type of gamer. Dozens of different puzzles and stages throughout the game are designed to challenge you! Some of these steps really need to be focused and will occupy your mind just like a mental puzzle. Apart from the game’s commendable gameplay, the game’s graphic designs and visual effects can not be ignored. Fantasy and minimalist graphics of Laser Overload game is one of its attractive features. Also, the small size and lightness of the game should not be ignored.

Some features of Laser Overload Android game:

  • Interesting and fancy graphics and designs with spectacular effects
  • Very fun gameplay in the style of puzzle games
  • There are dozens of different stages and puzzles
  • Ability to transfer energy and reflect it by rotating and adjusting the position of the mirrors
  • Ability to purchase and unlock different items such as lasers and wallpapers
  • It has various degrees of difficulty, including difficult difficulty for carballers
  • Very small volume without the need for internet
  • Suitable for all ages and all Android devices


Laser Overload invites you to an interesting and modern challenge. In this game, you have the task to create a suitable path for the passage of laser energy in the shortest time so that this energy reaches the empty batteries! This beautiful and challenging game has been downloaded more than 1 million times on Google Play so far, and out of this number, a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 has been registered for this exciting game. If you are also interested in downloading the experience of this game, you can immediately download the normal or modded version of this game from Usroid servers and get it tested and completely free. Also, in order to get more information on how to run the game, we suggest that you download and watch the trailer video from the download section.


Changes in version v1.3:

* Various optimizations and game troubleshooting


Laser Overload