Laser Quest v1.0.6 + Mod – Intellectual and challenging game “Laser Mission” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (all lasers and weapons are unlocked) Tested separately
with offline execution

Laser Quest – Laser Quest is an incredibly beautiful and entertaining game with a lovely and challenging style from the category of puzzle titles that is made for free and has been released for Android devices. This game has been published by the Portuguese studio, which is famous for making and releasing many intellectual and creative games. Games such as Traffix , Railways , Decipher: The Brain Game , Harmony: Music Notes , Eureka or Package IncThe best games and works made by this tasteful studio are all of which we have previously introduced at your service in Usroid. If you want to download and experience these games, you can click on the name of each of them and be directed to the special page for introducing and downloading that game. In this article, we want the Usroid site once again for the first time among all Iranian sitesIntroducing another well-made and minimalist game from InfinityGames studio. So join us to introduce you to an interesting and fun game. Laser Quest game at first glance is very similar to other games that are the product of the same studio, and in general, the style and context of the game is made so that the original design language of the game is preserved and you will realize this very quickly. Perhaps this is in order to make a digital signature and introduce the games to the audience with a fixed standard.


Laser Quest


In the game Laser QuestYou travel to an interesting and science fiction world. The game has a main part (Story Mode) and a fun and challenging part (Daily Challenges). In the Story Mode section, you have to follow the game in more than 100 thought and puzzle stages. Your main task is to connect a laser force through the reflectors to each other. In fact, your main task is to build and create a path for the laser to move. This laser is emitted from a starting point (source). You need to rotate the mirror-like items to reflect the laser in another direction. The goal is to get this laser to the end point (destination). Each stage of the game is associated with various challenges and puzzles, and you must proceed with logic and thought to succeed in the stages of the game. The structure of the game is such that you will be dealing with a three-dimensional suspended space, and this may make it a little difficult for players to visualize the current situation. But on the other hand, this action has made Laser Quest game more realistic and beautiful than usual. In addition to the beautiful and eye-catching designs used in the game, Laser Quest has another special charm that is its audible and impressive soundtrack. The game developer has recommended that you use headphones while playing the game to better understand Dolby technology and 3D game sound. Laser Quest game now with a modded version of fast serversUsroid is ready for download. Due to its attractive features, Laser Mission has managed to get an excellent score of 4.7 out of 5.0 .

Note: The game mode version must be run offline!