Last War: Shelter Heroes. Survival game v1.00.124 + Mod – “Last War: Shelter Heroes” is a strategic and management game for Android
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Last War: Shelter Heroes. Survival game is a simple yet interesting and enjoyable game in the strategic genre from Chilean studio TinyBytes, which was released for free on Google Play and is available to players worldwide. The first version of the game that was publicly released was an Early Access trial version. This time, for the first time in Iran, Usroid has obtained and reviewed this game and has released a modified version for you, dear players. Last War: Shelter Heroes. Survival game presents the story of World War II from a different perspective. In this game, you play as heroes from the Allies who have been defeated in the heart of enemy territory and only a few of them have survived. Now, you must try to survive among the enemies. You are the commander of this small group. Your first task is to build a hidden shelter underground to be safe from enemy sight and wait for help to arrive. But this will not be your only task. From time to time, you must send a group of your soldiers outside to collect resources and supplies and win battles against enemy soldiers to obtain the necessary resources. In fact, this part of the game constitutes the main stages of the game.


Last War: Shelter Heroes. Survival game


In the game Last War: Shelter Heroes. Survival game, your task is to manage this shelter and the people in it. You can manage and develop the shelter with the help of resources, especially the money you earn in battles, or upgrade your soldiers and give them better items and useful weapons. In fact, it can be said that Last War: Shelter Heroes. Survival game has two main sections. The first section is managing the shelter and the people inside it, and the second section is sending soldiers to fight the enemy and clean up the environment around the shelter. The second part of the game is completely automatic and actually shows the result of your work in the first section. So, it is important to focus on the shelter management section. By following the different stages in the game, you can move around the map and go to other places and do more missions. With each progress in the game, the game conditions become more advanced, challenging, and evolved. You can find better weapons, make your soldiers more professional, and face more dangerous enemies. Overall, it can be said that Last War: Shelter Heroes. Survival game can entertain fans of strategic titles with its relatively different and interesting approach. As one of the few remaining heroes, can you change the course of the war and save humanity? So, download the latest version of the game in normal or mod form from the Usroid download box now and get to work to save the world!