Launcher iPhone v8.4.5 – iPhone 12 launcher app for Android VIP
version and full app worth $ 11.99

Apple is one of the largest manufacturers of smart devices. The company covers a specific range of users by making different flagships. Apple smartphones use their own proprietary operating system, iOS. An operating system that, despite its many limitations, offers a great user interface. As you know, iOS, like Android, changes a part of the user interface every time it updates and adds new features to it. That’s why some Android users are very interested in Apple’s proprietary user interface! This issue has become an excuse to decide to introduce a special software in this post. Launcher iPhoneThe title of the iPhone 12 launcher is developed by SaSCorp Apps Studio and published on Google Play. If we want to introduce this startup in the simplest possible way, it can be considered a basic solution for converting the Android user interface to iOS! Just install this launcher to easily experience the management system of Apple devices. In this launcher, everything is designed exactly like iOS 14 and you will have access to a set of different personalization options! As we said, unlike the original version of the user interface, in this launcher, various options are available to you dear ones, with the help of which every part of the screen can be changed and with a few touches of the screen, it takes on a special effect. Other features include the ability to create touch screen shortcuts; In this case, you will be able to execute any program or command quickly without wasting time and with just one move.

Some features and capabilities of the Android Launcher iPhone app:

  • Convert Android environment to iOS 14 user interface
  • Extremely high accuracy and quality of simulation performed
  • Access notification center, control center, screen lock and other iOS features
  • Option to change app icons
  • Ability to create touch screen shortcuts to execute commands quickly
  • Access to hundreds of different themes
  • Personalize everything you see on the screen!
  • Very high speed without consuming too much smartphone resources
  • Provide a special experience of working with iPhone 12!

Launcher iPhone application with its special features and capabilities in the field of screen personalization by its developer has been released for free with in-network payment of $ 11.99, which you can now download the latest VIP version without Get no restrictions from the huge database of Usroid website .


Launcher iPhone