Lawnchair Launcher v2 11.0 – Android open source launcher application!
The original and complete version of the program – introduced for the first time in Iran

We all know that having a beautiful and fast launcher can change the interface of the device in a special way and make us not get tired of buying our smartphone from its screen even after years. Usroid site, as one of the top Persian language Android sites so far, has provided you with a variety of launchers, each of which has special features or common to other applications. Today, as in the past, we intend to introduce one of the open source launchers to you dear ones for the first time. Lawnchair Launcher is a smart and full- featured open source launcher by deletescape for Android devicesDeveloped and published. All you have to do is install it once and you will notice its features and great speed with other similar launchers. As you can see from the previous article and description, one of the best strengths of this launcher with other famous and reputable launchers is its open source, so that if you are one of the Android developers, you can get special features. And add what you need without any restrictions. You have access to different parts of the interface and customize them according to your taste!

Some features and capabilities of Lawnchair Launcher Android application:

  • Access to Android shortcuts and notifications 8
  • Support for various icon packs
  • The open source nature of this unique launcher
  • Ability to resize existing icons
  • Network size customization
  • Crystal mode support for having a blurred UI
  • Ability to customize different parts of the launcher
  • Very high page browsing speed

Lawnchair Launcher application , relying on its special capabilities and also its open source, has been able to allocate more than 100,000 active downloads in a very short period of time, and now you can download the latest version from the famous and reputable Usroid site. , The program is complete and does not require an unlocked version.