LayerPaint HD v1.12.15 Donated – Android Design and Painting App
Price: $6.99 and rated 4.2 out of 5.0 on Google Play

LayerPaint HD – Professional Painting and Design App for Android is a popular and excellent software for drawing professional and attractive paintings and designs on smart devices. With this app, you can draw your desired paintings in a professional and classic environment full of design tools and save them on your tablet’s memory. The user interface of the app is very simple and friendly, allowing you to first open a white page with your desired size and then draw your desired paintings with various tools without any limitations! So far, we have introduced various painting and design apps from different studios such as SketchBook Mobile, Clover Paint, Infinite Painter, and more, which have been well received and can be run on all tablets and phones. However, LayerPaint HD app is designed specifically for tablets with a screen size of 7 inches and above and has gained acceptable popularity with thousands of purchases from Google Play. If you are looking for an extraordinary app for drawing professional paintings, do not miss this app!

Some features and capabilities of the LayerPaint HD Android application:

  • The possibility of importing PSD designs into the program
  • The possibility of saving created designs as PSD
  • Support for layers to add, delete, and perform other actions,
  • The ability to use various fonts with different designs for color playback
  • The ability to draw paintings with pencils and various designs and colors
  • Includes various mosaic, crystal, and … filters with the ability to select
  • Simple and classic user interface + handy and excellent tools

The LayerPaint HD application is now available on the Android market for $6.99 and has a 4.2 out of 5.0 rating. Today, on Usroid, we provide you with the latest version of the application for free. As mentioned, this app is available for purchase on Google Play, and the purchased and complete version is available to you for free.


LayerPaint HD