Layers Icon Pack v8.2 – “Layers” shapeless icon application for Android
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Users of Android smart devices always rely on the features provided by this operating system to try to make their smartphone environment beautiful. As you know, this operating system provides us with a tool by default that we will be able to change the interface to some extent. But as we mentioned, these kinds of changes are very limited and we have to use peripherals to reach higher levels. One of the best ways to make changes to a smartphone is to change the icons, which take only a few seconds to change with the icon packs! Layers Icon PackThe title of the icon pack is shapeless and beautiful layers, which was developed by 3volve and published on Google Play. Maybe you are a little confused by the title of the post and ask yourself this question, is it possible that an icon does not have a shape ?! As an explanation, we must say that the set of icons in this set does not follow a specific rule in this regard. Icons, unlike other icon packs, are not in the form of circles and squares, and each of them has its own shape. The development team has tried to use the best colors in addition to great designs; Colors that match white or dark backgrounds perfectly. There are more than 800 different icons in this startup that you can use not only for applications but also for games. If you do not find the icon you want after searching, you can use the option to send it to the developer. In addition, there are 18 unique wallpapers with high coordination in the database of this software, which activate them to double the beauty of the icons. Finally, this icon pack supports a variety of launchers.

Some features and capabilities of Android Layers Icon Pack:

  • Access to a collection of shapeless and beautiful icons
  • Specific designs for each of the available icons
  • A collection of 800 diverse and attractive icons
  • Ability to use icons for applications and games
  • A set of 18 wallpapers designed in harmony with the icons
  • Support for popular launcher collections worldwide
  • Ability to send a request to the developer to create your own icon
  • Frequent updates on specific time games

The Layers Icon Pack app has been released on Google Play by its developer for $ 0.99, giving you access to a diverse set of finite icons, and has received a 5.0 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users. Get the most purchased version of it from the popular and rich Usroid website .


Layers Icon Pack