LEADer: Free CRM, Customers, Leads & Sales Tracking v2.8.22 Android CRM software premium and full version of the program dedicated to you

In the early years when personal computers entered the market, their use for business was the most widely used of these devices. Efficient software was designed for business management and financial accounts, which were a great help in running a business. Now that decades have passed, computers have become much more influential in our businesses and ways of doing business and making money than ever before. Almost everything works with a computer in some way, and this makes it necessary for any business to have the right software. Software used to manage businesses is called CRM. These applications, while fully managing financial accounts, keep customer, employee, business day, project and document information, and increase business productivity and profits by creating an integrated system and eliminating bureaucracy. they give.LEADer: Free CRM, Customers, Leads & Sales Tracking is an application for business management and sales and customer tracking, for the Android operating system, developed by LEADer: Free CRM, Sales, Customers & Leads tracker and available for free on Google Poly has been released. If you have a lot of customers and they often call your mobile number, this app is made for you. With this program, you can set a note for each of your customers so that when the customer calls you, that note will be displayed to you automatically. In addition, you can automatically send a business card or message of your choice for missed calls. The program provides you with all the necessary tools to manage projects, orders and financial accounts so that you can manage your business optimally.

Some features and capabilities of LEADer program : Free CRM, Customers, Leads & Sales Tracking Android :

  • Complete management of all customer information
  • Track customers’ status and their orders
  • Create reminders for different occasions
  • Create notes for each customer
  • Display customer information automatically when you receive a call from a customer
  • Send business card and custom message for unanswered calls
  • Provide complete statistics on how you are doing and track financial accounts
  • Suitable for small businesses

Application LEADer: Free CRM, Customers, Leads & Sales Tracking a great tool for managing clients and provide users with their consent has been able to score an excellent 4.7 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the premium version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Changes in version v2.8.22 : 

* Manage and track customers and sales
* Provide graphic statistics of customers and transactions
* Customer management and sales during a phone call
* Automatic sending of business cards to customers
* Send prices
* Reminders of tasks and tasks
* Send SMS and Email in groups


LEADerFree CRM, Customers, Leads & Sales Tracking Premium