Learn English Listening: Learning English Podcast v4.5.4 [Pro] – Android’s listening and teaching aid application
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As we have mentioned many times and you know, English language teaching consists of different parts and skills, one of the most important of which can be considered listening skills. Everyone uses different methods to strengthen this skill, the best of which is continuous listening to English conversations, which if we want to explain in a more specialized way, these audio files are called podcast conversations. Learn English Listening: Learning English Podcast Pro Unlocked as a special application to strengthen the listener and teach EnglishDeveloped by Yobimi Learning English Group and published in the big Google Play Market for Android. The above program, by using different podcasts in various fields, in addition to strengthening listening skills, strengthens your other abilities and reminds you of different words and grammars every day. Lessons and podcasts are available in 6-minute intervals to help you not spend too much time during the day. It does not matter what level of English you are in because all beginner, intermediate and professional levels are covered by this app.

Some features and capabilities of the Learn English Listening: Learning English Podcast Android app:

  • Learn English with 6-minute podcasts
  • Accompany the lessons with their own text and tutorials
  • Test your abilities through fun quizzes
  • Supports three levels: beginner, intermediate and professional
  • Classify audio files with in 9 different groups
  • Chat with other English learners from around the world
  • Smart dictionary support
  • Automatic update of new lessons

App Learn English Listening: Learning English Podcast to benefit from the features and capabilities that new has been able to more than 5 million downloads rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 by users, Google receives now the latest Pro version of the app from Usroid Get it , our version includes all the features and you can use them without time limit.

Changes in version v4.5.4:

* Fixed some app problems + new features