[Learn Languages ​​- 5000 Phrases v2.8.6 [Mega Pack – Android foreign language fast learning application
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Installation file for teaching 32 living languages ​​of the world separately

Learn Languages ​​- 5000 Phrases Full Unlocked is a unique program for fast learning foreign languages ​​for Android devices, developed by the famous programming studio FunEasyLearnDeveloped and published. Play, learn and talk! One of the best ways to teach English is to learn it through games and entertainment, which makes words and phrases easily etched in your mind so that you can easily remember them and their meanings. This software with its unique system in the field of English language teaching enables its users to learn more than 5000 short phrases in a very short time and to make simple and everyday conversations as easily as possible. All the phrases included in this collection are divided into 4 categories: beginner, intermediate, advanced and specialized. All of these courses have been taught with perseverance in a very short time to solve all your problems in foreign travel conversations. In addition, the existing topics include 20 different sections and overshadow a huge range of topics. To learn the words better, it is better to use the existing pronunciation system to memorize them correctly. If you are interested in foreign languages, do not miss this useful program and stay tuned for more.

Some features and capabilities of Learn Languages ​​- 5000 Phrases Android app:

  • No need for internet access and completely offline training
  • Access to over 5000 thousand different phrases to learn short conversations
  • 11 fun games to strengthen writing, listening and speaking skills
  • 4 different levels of learning including beginner, intermediate, advanced and specialized
  • Categorize phrases into 20 different categories and 145 subcategories
  • Professional search among available phrases
  • Added intelligent speech recognition system to improve phrase pronunciation
  • Support for 30 different languages ​​to teach English better

App Learn Languages – 5000 Phrases with support from wonderful system to teach simple phrases in English could trust, and get points 4.6 to 5.0 by the reception, which can now pack full educational package without any Mhdvydy the most visited site Usroid downloaded.


Learn Languages - 5000 Phrases Full