Learn Quran Tajwid v8.6.2 – Learn Tajweed from beginner to advanced for Android
Premium and full version of the program  

There are more than one billion Muslims around the world, all of whom believe that the Qur’an was revealed by God to the Prophet of Islam. According to Muslims, this book is a comprehensive guide to life, and human beings should follow all the instructions in this book and use it as a guide to their lives. The Qur’an has a very high status among Muslims and Muslims have a lot of respect for it. One of the greatest acts of worship in Islam is reciting the Qur’an. All the great men of Islam, especially the Prophet of Islam, have highly recommended reading the Qur’an and have enumerated many benefits for it. Throughout the history of Islam, there have always been many readers of the Qur’an who read this book in a very beautiful tone and audio and taught their abilities to others. Quran recitation is still one of the main arts in Islamic societies, and most Muslims send their children to Quran recitation classes so that they can learn this art and recite the Quran more beautifully and eloquently. Fortunately, with smartphones, new training methods have been developed for this purpose, and efficient applications have also been created, and we are at your service with one of them today.Learn Quran Tajwid is an application for learning the complete recitation of the Quran, for the Android operating system, which was developed by www.learn-quran.co and published for free on Google Play. This program can play the role of a Quran recitation teacher for you completely. The lessons in this program start from the basic skills and gradually become more advanced and professional. So everyone with any level of recitation can use this program to improve their abilities. All the skills of recitation such as the correct denominator of letters, how to integrate letters with each other, how to read certain verses, rules of recitation and وین. Covered in this app. In addition, there are various exercises and Quranic examples in the program that will help you learn better.

Some features and capabilities of Learn Quran Tajwid Android app :

  • Complete step-by-step Quran recitation training from beginner to advanced
  • Using Quranic examples along with playing the correct pronunciation of professional readers
  • Has a variety of exercises for each course
  • Use video tutorials to learn how to pronounce letters and words
  • Ability to record audio during recitation for review by the reading teacher
  • Includes tests to measure your ability to recite the Qur’an
  • Has beautiful and professional recitations of the best Quran reciters

App Learn Quran Tajwid a great app to learn to recite the Koran is true that, with the consent of Android users have rated excellent 4.7 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the premium version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Changes in version v8.6.2 : 

* New feature: Bookmark
* Payment page improvements
* Content and application interface improvements


Learn Quran Tajwid