LED Blinker Notifications Pro v10.4.2 – The latest version of the excellent notification app for Android
Purchased version of the app worth $3.49

LED Blinker Notifications Pro – Manage your lights is an interesting, advanced, and practical software for notifying about announcements and specific events for the Android operating system, with which you can be informed of all events as quickly as possible! The software works by flashing different colors on the LED of your smartphone or tablet Android upon receiving SMS, calls, and various notifications. If your phone or tablet does not have an LED, don’t worry because in this case, the program will use your device’s screen to flash and notify you of announcements! Without a doubt, if the default notification bar of your Android smartphone or tablet is weak and you want to improve its performance to an acceptable level, the LED Blinker Notifications Pro app can be a suitable option for you! Download and install the full version of this app now and tell us what score you give it!

Some of the amazing features and capabilities of the LED Blinker Notifications Pro Android application:

  • LED Blinker Notifications Pro blinks when your mobile battery is low (-10%)
  • LED Blinker Notifications Pro blinks when you receive a message from messengers like Skype, WhatsApp, and …
  • Support for a wide range of useful applications such as calendar, contacts, and …
  • Having a personal settings section to customize blink, vibration, and more
  • Having the Autostart function to automatically launch the program after the device is turned on
  • Having a very simple environment with useful functions and no need for device rooting

LED Blinker Notifications Pro notification app is now rated 4.5 out of 5.0 on Google Play and is sold for $3.49. Today, we at Usroid provide you with the latest and last version of it for free and with a direct link; all features are available for free and without time limit in our paid version.


LED Blinker Notifications Pro - Manage your lights