LEGO® Racing Adventures v0.1.9 + Mod – Lego Racing Game: Android Adventure Racing
Normal Version + Mod Edition (Unlimited Money) Tested separately
with offline run

LEGO® Racing Adventures – LEGO: Adventure RacingThe title of a racing game genre has been released by Round Zero game studio for Android devices. The mentioned game development studio has already recorded good works in its game development record in the Android market, but without a doubt, LEGO® Racing Adventures has been able to be the best game of this game development studio so far. Lego games have long been associated with gamers, and in recent years, many good Lego games have been released that have been able to attract the attention of gamers and be welcomed. Among these games, we can mention popular games such as LEGO® Batman: DC Super Heroes and LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes, which were able to find a lot of fans from the moment they entered the Android Market. LEGO® Racing Adventures is one of these popular games. However, when you enter the game and at the very beginning, you will notice the similarity of this game with another popular game called Hill Climb Racing. Undoubtedly, Hill Climb Racing has been one of the most wonderful racing games and has inspired many games of this genre. This is a special styleThe unique Android game and physics used in the gameplay have made many game studios and mobile game developers want to bring a similar but newer experience to gamers. EGO® Racing Adventures is based on exactly this idea, and although it has many similarities to Hill Climb Racing, it is also a completely different game with its own style. In this game, you are in the role of a Lego car driver who travels to different cities and accepts the quests of the people of the city to rebuild or develop their city. First, a short tutorial will help you learn the basics of the game and get acquainted with the simple mechanisms of the game, which does not take more than a few minutes. After you finish your car safely in the training section, you enter the first stage and start your first quest.


LEGO® Racing Adventures


As expected, in LEGO® Racing AdventuresThere are accelerator and brake pedals, car fuel rating and driver health at the bottom of your device screen. You need to control your speed using gas and brakes and be able to cross the ups and downs that are in your way. At the same time, you must be careful not to run out of fuel and endanger the health of your driver. In between your route you can get health and fuel upgrades and some other upgrades that help you walk more. Sometimes there are obstacles in your way that you must be able to overcome by destroying them. The more powerful and advanced your car is and the more upgrades you have, the more you can walk and cross the obstacles more easily. But along the way, there are a number of Legoes for you that you should be able to collect as many as you can to rebuild the houses of the people of the city and develop their city, as well as unlock more cars. Different types of cars such as buggy, police car, Offroad and many other cars are available that you can use as you progress through the stages. Each car has its own unique features and you will have a different experience with each of them. All in all, this game is definitely worth a try and is definitely one of the best logo and racing genre games. Visually, the game’s 2.5-dimensional graphic space is unparalleled, and the art design of the game’s various worlds is fantastic and eye-catching. The physics of the game is excellent and brings an exciting experience. The difficulty level of the game is linear and at each stage of the game you will encounter new challenges and new complexities. The sounds are admirable and create a pleasant atmosphere. The controls are very simple and you can easily master the controls in the same training section and they are not special things that you can not handle. The gameplay is fast and very fun and addictive. LEGO® Racing AdventuresIt has obtained a score of 3.5 out of 5.0 in the Android Market, and the Usroid teamintends to provide this game to you dear ones in a tested and completely free way. Do you think you can do all the quests in the game and release all the cars? Download LEGO® Racing Adventures from our servers now and find the answer to this question!

Version v0.1.9 changes:

* Lost Coins
* Various optimizations and other game problems