Lemegeton is an incredibly beautiful game with stunning graphics and addictive gameplay for the Android operating system , which is designed and produced based on a movie of the same name! This game invites you to fight 30 types of devils and you can destroy the devils in exciting ways with your special skills. There are 7 different and challenging areas to explore and your task is to find a traitor named Picador who has stolen a famous Italian ring!

With this ring in the city, he is abusing power and with it he has been able to take control of the city. The game is made in a completely different way from action and epic games and it can be introduced as one of the best epic games. Key features of Lemegeton include the following:

* 3D graphics with HD quality

* 7 different areas to explore

* Have more than 30 skills to fight demons

* Availability of a large number of upgradeable weapons

* Lay out secret weapons to find out

* Zeemote JS1 support

The amazing Lemegeton game is currently on sale for $ 10.15 in the Android Market, the third version of which was released today, and we in Usroid , as the first Iranian site, have put it for users with a data file that you can use with a Click and get it for free…


Download Lemegeton Full - a unique Android action game + data



Download Lemegeton Game For Android


Download Lemegeton game data file with a size of 209 MB

Data file path: SdCard