Super beautiful brain teaser game Les Miserables – Jean Valjean v1.001 Android + data file + trailer (tested and offline)
designed based on the famous novel of the poor by Vector Hugo!
Again, Farsrood is the first Iranian website to introduce the game!

Les Miserables – Jean Valjean in Persian ( Les Miserables – Jean Valjean) a game new and incredibly beautiful HD graphics in the style of adventure games from the studio famous Anuman for the operating system Android is based on beautiful novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo has been designed and A few hours ago, we saw the release of the first version in the Android Market, which was put on sale for $ 4.99 ! Game storyJust like in the movie, it begins in France in 1815, when Jean Valjean is released from prison after serving a 19-year sentence for stealing a loaf of bread. After changing the conditions of his parole and deciding to start a dignified life, he changes his name to bring Valjean back to justice after a stubborn pursuit of Investigator Javar, who is keen to bring him back. Stay safe!

Eight years later, he becomes a wealthy factory owner and the mayor of the city, and Fantin suffers a fatal illness. Before he dies, Valjean agrees to take care of his little daughter Cosette, and there is nothing left for Inspector Javor to identify Valjean. He is about to lose himself again, and this time Cosette is with him as his adopted daughter. Nearly a decade later, Cosette, who has now grown up, falls in love with a young revolutionary named Marius, but there are three basic elements that challenge their chances of happiness: the interventions of Aponin , a young woman with a pathological one-sided love for Marius has, a popular uprising throughout the city that is brutally suppressed by the military, and Valjean himself fears that he will lose Cosette by marriage and و!

Some features of Les Miserables – Jean Valjean Android adventure game:

* Meet a variety of famous characters of the poor during the adventure

* Collect key objects to interact with the environment

* Includes a variety of challenging mini-games and puzzles to solve

* Stunning HD graphics with exciting and great sound

Today in Usroid , as always, as the first Iranian website, we provide the very beautiful game Les Miserables – Jean Valjean to you, regular users, and dedicate it to all people who love the novel of the poor! To watch the trailer and photos of the game, join me and Usroid…


Download Les Miserables - Jean Valjean - Android game for the poor!




Game installation and running instructions:

– First, download and install the game installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Com.microids.HdOv3 folder . Copy HdOLesMiserables2.full to the Android / Obb path.

– Run the game.


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Download Les Miserables - Jean Valjean Android Apk - New Google Play