Life Time Alarm Clock Premium v3.06lt – Android smart and graphic alarm application
premium version with all the features presented to you

Life Time Alarm Clock is the title of one of the best alarm programs with different capabilities, which is powered by 8 bit Immersiv for Android devices.It’s been published. This Android application, using its unique design and special features, can create a lively morning for you, away from any stress. One of the best features of this software is its smart tracking, so that to delay the alarms, you no longer need to touch the phone screen, and after a certain period of time, the program starts playing alarms again. It should be noted that the sound of alarms becomes louder and louder at each stage of the delay so that people with heavy sleep wake up slowly and without any stress; There is also a set of quiet alarms in Lifetime that if you are not interested in them, you can refer to the music on your smartphone and choose the best one.

Some features and capabilities of the Life Time Alarm Clock Android app:

  • Unique graphic design with the ability to specify different icons for each alarm
  • Intelligent automatic alarm snooze system with different time intervals
  • There is a set of quiet alarms for waking up
  • Unparalleled ability to turn on auto-flashlight to prevent drowsiness
  • Very low battery consumption of the device when the program is running
  • Choose from various challenges such as intelligence or math questions to interrupt the alarm

Application Life Time Alarm Clock  utilizes the characteristics of their unique free with paid within the network are published and managed Score 4.4 from 5.0 won already the newest version of the premium it from the database. Download Azim Usroid ; In our version all features are available for free.


Life Time Alarm Clock