LightSpectrumPro EVO v1.4.3 – Android color source color temperature measurement app,
purchased and complete version of the program for $ 1.49 for the first time in USA

One of the main advantages of Android devices that make them very popular is the use of these smartphones to meet the needs at any time! In some cases, installing a multi-megabyte startup can save you a lot of money in addition to saving you time. LightSpectrumPro EVO The title of the application is the color temperature measurement of the light source, which was developed by AMPowerSoftware and published on Google Play. This software helps you to easily measure the color temperature of a light source without having to spend hundreds of dollars to buy professional devices. There are two temperature display modes available to users at different levels, each of which can be tailored to your needs. In addition to the mentioned performance, you can see the color spectrum of light in bands from 360 nanometers to 800 nanometers. Unlike many similar apps, the error rate of this program is from 2 to 8 percent, which is affordable compared to many other tools. In addition to the spectrum, the position of the white dot can be displayed in the CIE 1931 diagram and a wavelength filter can be used.

Some features and capabilities of Android LightSpectrumPro EVO:

  • Measure the color temperature of the light source without any restrictions
  • Ability to display temperature in two different units of measurement
  • Displays the color spectrum of intermediate light with a scale of 360 to 800 nanometers
  • Displays the white dot position at CIE 1931 frequency
  • Very low error between 2 and 8 percent
  • Measure the temperature of several colors simultaneously
  • Apply various filters to your measurements

The LightSpectrumPro EVO application has been published on Google Play by its developer with a very specialized features and capabilities at a price of $ 1.49, and now you can download the latest version purchased from Usroid website without any restrictions . As mentioned, this program has been introduced to you for the first time in Iran.


LightSpectrumPro EVO