LineX Black Icon Pack is a very beautiful and popular black / black version of LineX Icon Pack from JustNewDesigns Studio for Android, which is available for $ 0.99 on Google Play, and now the complete and purchased version is in front of you. . This version of the icons is the newest category of icons available, which we suggest you try to refresh the appearance of your menu and mobile screen. The appearance of these icons is linear style, which looks very beautiful, unique and attractive, creating a new and different look. In this package, there are nearly 5000 different and functional icons, along with a large number of high-quality and stunning wallpapers for download and use. In the latest update of this program, 22 new icons have been added to it and the number of icons in it has reached about 5150, which is constantly increasing. You will multiply the beauty of your mobile screen with this set of icons and wallpapers and you will get a new experience of linear style. Each of the icons is a true masterpiece of art with creativity and innovation that enhances the uniqueness of their design. We owe this creativity in the design of icons to Jahir Fiquitiva. LineX Black IconPack also has a collection of the best icons on the market. It is interesting to know that on average, each person checks their mobile phone more than 50 times a day. With the icons and wallpapers of this package, you enjoy checking your mobile screen; So download this version of the icons now.

Briefly, we will mention the features of the unique LineX Black Icon Pack program below:

  • It has more than 5000 quality and up-to-date icons.
  • It has many updates and more icons and wallpapers are added during each update.
  • Compatible with a variety of mobile systems.
  • The wallpaper has attractive and high quality wallpapers.
  • Compatible with many launchers.
  • You can see a preview of each icon before downloading and installing it.
  • You can search between types of icons to find the icon you want.
  • You can create a folder for yourself and categorize the icons to your liking.
  • There are several categories that make it easy to find the icon you want.
  • It has icons that do not belong to a specific program and you can customize them for any program you want.
  • There are frequently asked questions that you can refer to if you have a problem and easily solve your problem.
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up, in other words suitable for all ages.

If you are still unsure about downloading this LineX Black Icon Pack icon and you are hesitant, you should not worry about this issue and just download, install and activate it to see its greatness! It is also worth mentioning that the LineX Black IconPack app in the Google Play Store has received a good rating compared to similar apps by its users, and what could be better than the positive comments of those who have used it ?! Usroid, as the latest Android reference in Iran, has released the latest and latest version of this beautiful icon pack for download, which you will be able to download with one click.

LineX Black Icon Pack