LineX Icon Pack v5.4 A new and unique icon pack for Android devices
The paid and purchased version of the app is available for $0.99 on Google Play

There are some people who like to have complete control over their environment and change it to their taste as much as possible. These types of people often have a great interest in changing home decor, replacing cars, buying new clothes, and so on. Of course, when such individuals are in an environment like the user interface of smartphones, they want to change it as much as possible according to their taste. Fortunately, unlike other mobile operating systems, Android has provided all the necessary tools to create visual changes and personalize different parts of the operating system. For this reason, Android is an ideal operating system for those who want to be able to change the design and style of the user interface themselves. Different programming groups around the world are using the potential of Android to provide various tools to personalize this operating system as much as possible, and we have seen many efficient and popular tools from them so far. Launchers are examples of this type of personalization tool. In addition to launchers, the use of icon packs is also very popular among users, and they try to find and install icon packs that match their taste. At Usroid, we are trying to provide you with more and more extensive user interface customization tools, especially icon packs, for free so that you can apply your taste more freely on your Android device. Today, we are also offering you another icon pack. LineX Icon Pack is an icon pack with neon bar style and gradient colors, designed specifically for the Android operating system, developed by JustNewDesigns software group and released for $0.99 on Google Play. This icon pack can perhaps be called one of the most beautiful and complete icon packs for Android, as it has over 4000 icons that can cover a wide range of various applications and games, in addition to its use of neon style, which is a new style. Therefore, if you are looking for a different and complete icon pack, this app can be an excellent choice for you.

Some of the features and capabilities of the LineX Icon Pack Android app:

  • Preview and search icons
  • Dynamic icons for calendar
  • Material dashboard for the app
  • Custom icons for folders
  • Icons are categorized
  • Personalized icon for app drawer
  • Quick and easy process for requesting icons
  • Compatible with popular Android launchers

The LineX Icon Pack app, with its unique style and design, is one of the best Android icon packs that has received an excellent rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 from Android users. You can now download the paid and purchased version of this app with all its features and capabilities for free from Usroid.


LineX Icon Pack