Lingvist: Learn Languages ​​Fast v2.77.9 – Fast language learning application for Android
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Lingvist: Learn Languages ​​Fast is a great and useful application for learning different languages ​​quickly, which was developed by Lingvist Technologies OÜ and published on Google Play. Learning a language is one of the hobbies of all human beings. Many of them try to learn their favorite languages ​​throughout their lives and communicate with the people who speak that language. Many people who try to learn a language give up learning in the middle of the road and never go back to it. This can have a variety of reasons, each of which has a direct impact on people’s mood. One of the reasons why those interested in learning in the middle of the road stop learning is the long duration of training. Unfortunately, many of the existing trainings that many instructors use do not have enough principles and this causes the student to avoid learning over time. Today, with the spread of Android smartphones and various educational software, many people use smartphones to learn their favorite issues and knowledge. We can see different startups learning different languages. One of the best of these apps is Lingvist: Learn Languages ​​Fast, which is one of the best options available for learning a language quickly in a short amount of time. Designed by professionals and professional teachers of different languages, this program uses a combination of several training systems to help you get the best out of your learning in a short period of time.

Lingvist: Learn Languages ​​Fast A program for learning different languages ​​of the world

Lingvist: Learn Languages ​​Fast users can easily learn more than 13 different languages ​​with the benefit of various features and capabilities. Among the most popular languages ​​in the list provided by this startup, we can mention English, French, German and که, which are among the most popular around the world. While running the program and viewing its dashboard, an intelligent system asks you questions that determine your previous level of knowledge of the language of your choice. This will help you if you have already tried the software to learn your favorite language, this effort is not in vain and start learning again from a suitable level.

Learn thousands of words in a short time

We can understand the basics of the Lingvist: Learn Languages ​​Fast startup training system. Users of this software will be able to memorize more than 5,000 words in a very short period of time and make the most of them in their conversations. This is true for all languages ​​supported by the program, and the vocabulary taught is the same for all of them. Another thing that catches our attention is the advanced learning system, through which you will be able to personalize the education system to suit your needs and what you have in mind.

Provide accurate statistics

Throughout the user learning process, Lingvist: Learn Languages ​​Fast monitors all operations and provides user progress information as needed. In addition to statistics, this information is in the form of a graph, which helps you to gain a full understanding of your abilities. On the other hand, if you are a talented person, these graphic designs will help you to have a double spirit to learn.

Some features and capabilities of Lingvist: Learn Languages ​​Fast Android app:

  • Learn different languages ​​in just a very short time
  • Learn more than 5,000 different words in different languages
  • Option to level the user’s ability before starting to learn
  • Provide each user’s progress in the form of a graphical chart
  • Learn the grammar of your favorite language while learning vocabulary
  • Simple and easy user interface

Lingvist : Learn Languages ​​Fast application with various features and capabilities in the field of learning different languages ​​around the world has been released by its developer for free with in-network payment of $ 199.99 and has received a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by users. . Dear ones, you can now download the latest premium version of this startup without any restrictions on accessing the facilities from the popular and highly visited Farsroid website .