Litchi for DJI Mavic / Phantom / Inspire / Spark v4.26 – Android Quadcopter and Drone Control Application
Offering you the purchased version at a price of $24.99, dear ones.

Undoubtedly, the new generation of unmanned quadcopter airplanes are very popular for general use in various stores. People usually use mobile tools to control their drones, but there is always a way to take advantage of the facilities around us. Litchi for DJI Mavic / Phantom / Inspire / Spark is a comprehensive and intelligent application for better control of DJI unmanned aerial vehicles, developed by VC Technology Ltd for Android and published on the Google Play Store. This program allows its users to easily view clear images through their quadcopters and activate their special features with unlimited access! The advanced Waypoint system helps you perform classic missions and record anything in different modes. To increase the excitement of using Litchi, after connecting your Android device to the quadcopter, use virtual reality glasses and have an unparalleled and extraordinary experience. Choose your desired object during filming and leave its tracking to your unmanned aerial vehicle.

Some of the features and capabilities of the Litchi for DJI Mavic / Phantom / Inspire / Spark Android app:

  • Advanced Waypoint for performing classic missions
  • Panorama mode for viewing a 360-degree display
  • Virtual reality mode compatible with various glasses such as Freefly VR, Durovis, Homido, Gear VR (P3 Standard), Cardboard, and …
  • Tracking and following desired objects by simply selecting them
  • Professional focus on a specific subject during flight
  • Advanced settings and real-time drone control
  • Circuit mode in real-time
  • Advanced camera settings and various photography modes
  • Automatic recording

The Litchi for DJI Mavic / Phantom / Inspire / Spark app has attracted the attention of thousands of people with its diverse features and capabilities at a price of $24.99. You can now purchase the latest version of the app from the vast database of Usroid website. The app supports unmanned aerial vehicles DJI Mavic Air / Pro, Phantom 4 Normal / Advanced / Pro, Phantom 3 Standard / 4K / Advanced / Professional, Inspire 1 X3 / Z3 / Pro / RAW, Inspire 2, Spark and requires internet access for the first run.


Litchi for DJI Mavic / Phantom / Inspire / Spark