Liv Dark – Poweramp v3 Skin v1.7.0 – Gradient music player application for PowerPoint Android
Purchased and complete version of the app for $1.99

Liv Dark – Poweramp v3 Skin is an extremely attractive and gradient skin for Power EMP music player, developed by giannisgx89 and published on Google Play. Players are one of the most used startups that we run several times a day and use them to run our favorite files. Although players have always been the focus of users at all times, but sometimes we see a lack of kindness from developers, because they do not try to provide a variety of themes for this category of startups! This causes many users to get tired of using one player after a while and switch to another player. However, we must say that not all developers have acted in this way and sometimes it is seen that some of them pay special attention to their software user interface. One of the best audio players of Android operating system is Power EMP, which we have introduced in full in previous posts. The popularity of this music player is so great that it has been seen many times that the developers of personalization startups have started to create side apps for it! For this reason, Usroid website has decided to introduce a wonderful skin for this Android audio player in this post. Liv Dark – Poweramp v3 Skin startup is exactly the skin we are talking about. This skin with a wonderful design with fascinating colors enhances the beauty of Power EMP UI and makes you never get tired of this player!

Liv Dark – Poweramp v3 Skin A special skin with a gradient design

As we mentioned in the above description, one of the strengths of Liv Dark – Poweramp v3 Skin is its special gradient and at the same time minimalist design. The colors are combined in such a way that they fascinate you for hours and make you use this music player anytime and anywhere. After installation, you will see various changes in your audio player, which is a natural thing and will surprise you.

Employing details and high variety of designs!

The thing that makes Liv Dark – Poweramp v3 Skin more special among its competitors is the very high detail and wonderful designs! Although you dear ones only install one skin, like themes you can choose the icons displayed to your liking or make changes to the way the list is displayed. More than 63 gradient colors are available to all users that you can replace solid colors.

Access to a set of fonts

Liv Dark – Poweramp v3 Skin users will not only be able to make various changes to the displayed details, but will also be able to make changes to the fonts. Along with all the details that we mentioned in the above description, there are more than 16 beautiful fonts embedded in the heart of this skin, which you do not face any restrictions to use.

Some features and capabilities of Liv Dark – Poweramp v3 Skin Android app:

  • Extremely special and attractive design to change the user interface of the music player Power EMP
  • Access to over 63 gradient colors
  • A collection of 17 colors and 19 solid backgrounds
  • Option to make changes to icons and replace them
  • 16 beautiful fonts to make changes to suit your taste
  • Fully dynamic corners
  • Make changes to the Play and pause buttons

Liv Dark – Poweramp v3 Skin application has been released by its developer at a price of $1.99 with the benefit of its various features and capabilities, and has received a score of 4.9 out of 5.0 by users. Dear ones, you can now download the latest version of this beautiful skin without any restrictions from the high-speed servers of Usroid website.


Liv Dark - Poweramp v3 Skin