Live Player Pro v1.5.5 – Android online video and music player!
Purchased and complete version for $ 8.99

We all know some websites as online video streaming! Sites like YouTube and Apartment that have a collection of videos in their archive and we can use them with the help of a browser. As we mentioned, such websites allow you to watch videos in their main environment, but they do not provide enough tools for a perfect playback! Live Player ProTitle is a unique application for playing video and music online, published by Mobile Solutions Worldwide. This software helps you to play online video or music in a single player with access to various tools and enjoy their high quality to the fullest. Undoubtedly, the most important feature of this startup is its support for a variety of audio and video formats that easily meet any needs of users. Unlike other apps, the three protocols RTSP, HTTP and HTTPS are supported by this software and provide any stream easily.

Some features and capabilities of Android Live Player Pro:

  • Easy and perfect playback of online video or music
  • Supports many video and audio formats
  • Ability to play video or audio on the memory card
  • Fast playback of videos via URL
  • HTML5 video support
  • Ability to play videos in full screen
  • Smart TV support
  • TV remote control support
  • Supports RTSP, HTTP and HTTPS protocols

Live Player Pro application with several various features has been able to attract the attention of hundreds of users with its price of $ 8.99, and now you can download the latest version of it without any restrictions on accessing the features of Farsroud website. Receive; This program has been introduced at your request, dear users.


Live Player Pro