Lockwatch Premium – Protect Your Phone v6.4.0 Unlocked – Great and practical application to find a stolen Android phone!
Premium and unlocked version with all the features and no need for in-app purchases
A simple, small application of 200 KB!

Lockwatch Premium – Protect Your Phone is an interesting and popular security program in the field of finding Android phone thieves, with which you can find your mobile phone thief in different ways! Bloke Tech Studio has offered the program in both free and paid versions on Google Play, and now we intend to introduce the full and premium version for you, regular visitors! You may be wondering how we can find a stolen phone ?! This is how we answer your question that there is only one way to find a stolen phone and that is to follow through the law [!] But with the smart apps that are provided for the devices, you can significantly Be more active in this field and find your phone yourself! Considering that it can happen to any person that he suddenly loses his phone or is stolen by another person, the existence of applications such as Lock watch is felt! We list the features of the above application in the form of a list to get more acquainted with this wonderful application!

Some features and capabilities of Lockwatch Premium Android app:

  • Take a photo of the thief if you enter the wrong passwords in a row and send it to you via email
  • Automatically send location (location of stolen phone) via email to you
  • Without any reaction or display of anything from the program to let the thief know that the program is installed
  • Detects SIM card changes and automatically sends a message to the email stating that the SIM card has been changed by a thief
  • Send an email to the user stating that the phone and screen are on (for a new location – for example at home)
  • Take multiple photos: Take a quick photo (take 3 consecutive photos of a thief in one second)
  • Burglar Voice Recorder: 20 seconds of high quality sound from the location of the thief and the thief himself and send to your email
  • Automatically turn on data connection: Automatically turn on the phone internet connection for operations such as sending email
  • Send SMS to friends: If the device is off, SMS containing information will be sent to friends


The Lockwatch Premium – Protect Your Phone application currently has a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 in the Play Store. You can get the latest version of the program from the powerful servers of the site; It goes without saying that this program is the first in Iran that the Iranian site Usroid introduces.


Lockwatch Premium